It has been all over the news: California legislators overwhelmingly supporting state rules that offer sensible and fair new opportunities for college student-athletes.


One of the rare issues of bipartisan consensus of these times, other states quickly followed with proposals and plans of action, from South Carolina to Florida to New York and beyond. State legislators across the country understand how universally sensible and popular the idea is, and nearly two dozen states offer voters the chance on their ballot to directly approve fair new rules.


Positive change is on the horizon.

Despite resistance from entrenched economic superpowers like the NCAA and individual universities with an eye on their bottom line, positive change is on the horizon, benefiting student-athletes, their families and the local communities that support campus life.


The Fair Game Initiative was created to elevate this dynamic issue at the local, regional and national level: Opportunities for student-athletes to earn sensible and fair benefit from their name and likeness, as supported by voters, either directly or through their elected representatives.


Student-athletes should have wider, fairer and more sensible access to economic and educational benefits from their own name that are currently available to any other student and -- of course -- creating billions in benefits to the universities and NCAA themselves.


Local communities that wholeheartedly support their student-athletes should be able to provide those young adults with socio-economic and educational benefits of inclusion and participation in the sustainability and growth of the local economy.

New opportunities for college student-athletes have the potential to benefit every student-athlete.

From the biggest football stars to the walk-ons cheering at the end of the bench of the so-called “non-revenue” sports, new opportunities for college student-athletes have the potential to benefit every student-athlete in the country, along with the entire extended campus community.


Building on a wide range of existing and emerging support at the state and national level -- by current and former student-athletes and those who support them -- the Fair Game Initiative encourages direct participation by legislators and voters to create new economic and social opportunities for student-athletes, their families and school communities at large.

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